Every Time


I wander what time is it. I was at the store the other day and I lost all track of time. It must be around 5 or 5:30. I naturally pull my zebra cased- phone out of my packet and I turn it on with a click of a button, my screen lights up. I have two messages and a missed call. I do I quick reverse L pattern with my right thumb to unlock the screen. I see that the call is from my mom, so I call her back. After a long conversation in which my mom, witch sound like “hi, did you call?… yes mom… I know… at Ross…yea… I did… yes… yep… yes…I did… no… ok…love you too”, I finally hang up and look at my messages.

One is from my sister, she says, “hey” and quickly reply, “what?” and move on to the second message. It is from my boyfriend, “hey baby, it’s going good. Clinical was boring today. No babies were born. I am on my way home. What time do you work tomorrow?”. I rely “6 am, brutal. Do you want to get some food tonight?” and exit out of messages, only to open it again, because my sister responded, “Soooooooo, I need a ride. I missed the bus. I am at McDonalds by the school.” I roll my eyes. “Again! You own my BIG time!” I hit sent but then add “be there in 20 minutes” and hit send again.

I walk to the caser, still on my phone. I notice I got a Pinterest notification. Nine new fallowers. Nice. I click on it and fallow everyone back, and put my phone back in my packet just to pull it out, because I forgot to check what time is it.


Don’t Look at Me Ty…p…ing


This post is kind of divided to three little parts: part one typing, part two searching, and part three taking things out of my wallet.

part one:

images    Just the other day, I was with my group working on our psychology project. We were supposed to look at the results we got on our survey and write a few page essays. I usually don’t mind typing, I am not the fastest at it, but I type all of my papers so I do have plenty of practice. However, when the rest of my group were watching me type, I basically forgot how to do it. All of a sudden I was making tons of mistakes and I was looking for letters, and my sentences were not making any sense. I was using my friend’s keyboard, which is a little different than mine, and I was not used. However, I kept making mistakes, because I felt like I was being watched and it was making me nervous.


part two:

I am also bad at finding things when someone is directing me and watching me get it, like really bad, I might as well be wearing a blindfold. Yesterday I had this conversation with my boyfriend.

“Hey, can you pass me my phone?”

“Where is it?”

“On the bed”

“Where on the bed?”

“Next to the red pillow.”

“I don’t see a red pillow.”

“It’s right in front of you.”


“RIGHT in front of you.”

“Oh.” (Pause) “I still don’t see your phone.”

At this point, he usually sighs and goes to get it himself, probably while questioning why I’m still in his life.


part three:

I am really bad at taking out money or my debit card from my wallet when a casher is watching me. Some times, I cannot find it. Other times, it is somehow stuck and impossible to take out and almost always something else falls out with it.


Winter Munchies


We all know that animals, especially squirrels, tend to fatten themselves up before winter, but to humans do that too? Maybe we don’t do it deliberately, but I am guessing most of us will gain a little bit of weight in the next two mounts. I know that I have an instinct to eat more food in winter. It might be just the opportunity to eat more do to the large amount of holiday parties, but sometimes it seems that I just feel hungrier as winter draws near. It feels like if my body wanted to stockpile calories that I do not need. I am not sure if it is the opportunity and my see diet (I see food so I eat it), or some kind of a biological vestigial “chipmunk” instinct that most animals have, but I know it is going to be difficult to say no to all of the amazing holiday food.

Being from a Polish family is a huge blessing, but a huge disadvantage when you are trying to not gain weight around Christmas, especially since my mom is an awesome cook, and saying no to delicious food is really difficult.

It Has Been One of Those Stressful Months

I am a full time student, but I also work about 30 hours a week and sometimes it gets a little overwhelming, because I don’t have very many days with leisure time. I have school Monday- Friday and I work Thursday- Sunday, so I basically always have something going on. Honestly, I haven’t had a day when I didn’t work or go to school since Monday, September 7, which was a Labor Day.

I am the second oldest of ten kids so even when I am at home, I do not have time to relax. There is always something to do, whether it be giving one of my younger siblings a ride somewhere or picking someone up or running errands. Most of the times I have to hide somewhere like Starbucks or the library to get my homework done. I don’t mind that kind of a life style; I like to stay busy, but I am pretty sure that this is the longest I have ever been with out a day off. I think it might be getting to me because I am constantly tired.

I try to get a full night of sleep, but trying to have a social life with a busy schedule sometimes prevents me doing so. I haven’t told very many people this, but the other day on my way to work, I blew a red light because I fell asleep. I didn’t get in an accident, but I came really close. It was a horrible experience, and I know I should slow down and take some time to relax and get some sleep and maybe even work less. However, I can’t do that until mid-December (end of semester). I need money to pay for school, gas, and my cell phone, and tons of other things. My instinct to go take a nap is not helping.

Sorry for complaining so much on this post. I just needed to get that out of my system. If you know any tips to stay on track at school, homework and studying, and working 30 hours a week, and keeping up with having at least a little bit of a social life, let me know.

Unrealistic Serving Sizes

I have a super power. I can finish family-size servings of food in just one sitting. I am not over weight. At 5ft 8 inches and 128 lbs., I am not over weight. Sure, I work out (when I feel like it) and run (when I find some time in my busy schedule), but the truth is that the serving sizes are just unfeasible. On many foods, the serving size presented is laughably small. Companies do this so that, at a glance, the nutrition information or their products seems better than it should.

According to its label, a pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream contains four servings. But when was the last time you measured out a fourth of a container of Chocolate Therapy and put the rest away for another day? For most people, it’s never or very rarely.

Come on, it is Chocolate Ice Cream with Chocolate Cookies and SWIRLS of Chocolate Pudding. Although the container says 270 calories, which doesn’t seem too bad, 4 servings equal 1080 calories! That’s about half a days worth of calories for an average female. I eat multiple servings of other foods too: crackers, Trail Mix, cookies, chips, pasta, and cereal, and the calories quickly add up.

A Calorie King, an online website which calculates calorie intake says that a 20 year old female who weighs 128 pound and is 5ft 8in tall, should be eating between 1750 to 1950 calories per day. However, giving the some information to Authority Nutrition, another website, 2169 is the perfect amount of daily calories for my weight.

So who is correct? Yes, I understand that both website are free calculators I found online so their accuracy should not be too trusting. However, (219-419 calories) is enough for me to eat another Ben and Jerry’s serving!

During the time when obesity grows in the United States of America, people should be given every opportunity to regulate their diets and track their intakes. The first steps should be realistic serving sizes and dependent calorie intake calculators available. For now I will try to limit the about of junk food I take in and educate myself before consuming a full container of Oreo’s.

Human Instinct to Love Animals (Sometimes More than People)

What do I do when I meet a person for the first time? I shake their hand and I have a quick awkward conversation. If I have a feeling that they are not someone I want to know personally, I end the conversation as soon as that is possible. I know that this sounds bad but sometimes I honestly prefer sitting around bored than making small talk with people. Of course, there are people in my life that I wouldn’t trade for the world, but they are the exception.What do I do when I meet animals for the first time? I want to pet them, hug them and kiss them. I want to take them home and make them my best friends.

I love animals and reflecting on the nature of my relationships with humans, and I acknowledge that I’m simply more comfortable around animals than around people.  

Animals unlike people are never deceitful or dishonest. They don’t judge or even  care what I look like. They don’t even pretend to like me like some of the people I have come across.  It always amazing to see that someone is genuinely happy to see me. They never disappoint me. Animals can even eliminate social anxiety that can be normal in human-human interactions.

The connection between humans and animals can be very powerful and mutually beneficial to both, so it is not surprising that animals are good for people. They give people a loving companion to care for. They encourage touch, conversation and often laughter. They can even cause us to exercise and offer an antidote for loneliness of people. Yet, benefits are not just emotional. House pets can boost infant immunity to infections, help with mental health disorders by affecting brain chemistry, and lower blood pressure.

I absolutely adore most animals. They are the best!

Here are some pictures from my trip to the Timbavati Wildlife Park in Wisconsin Dells form this summer. I had a lot of fun! I hope you like them.fnohidrkwenggkrdngivSddrigheoirng

You’re Okay


I have a little brother named Filip; he is almost two years old. He can walk really well but like any kid he falls, trips, and he sometimes injures himself. It is never been anything serious but he loves to be comforted after he gets hurt. The other day I realized that my comfort phrase to him is “you’re okay.”

I don’t freak out every time he gets hurt because I know that his injury is minor and he’s more upset about falling then landing. I used to believe that if I act like he is okay than he is going to think that he is okay. However, this dismissal is actually really bad. I mean sure he is going to be fine, he just fell on his butt and he has a dipper on so the ground didn’t really hurt very much.

Although his hurt is temporary, showing concern is nicer. So what I should start saying instead is, “what happened?” It is a lot more sympathetic and it takes his focus from his hurt to why he is hurt. Distracting him from his feelings, with things like ice cream or candy is another horrible idea that I often see people use to deal with the crying. This is because the child is not allowed to deal with what happened in a effective way.

My brother cannot talk that well yet but he understands a lot, and just because he doesn’t talk to me yet doesn’t mean I should not talk to him. Talking to him about what happened is the best way to help him. Saying something like, “Did you trip on this teddy bear? It looks like someone left it on the ground.”

What? Hmmm…Like…Well…You know…Let’s see.

Once in a while I find myself saying, “what?” or, “huh?” or even, “what did you say?” when I am asked a question despite knowing exactly what you said. Most of the people repeat the question and I just answer it the second time around. Then a few days ago one of my friend didn’t repeat the question and just waited a few seconds and I was able to correctly answer the question right after I had asked, “what?” for no reason.

When did this habit of mine start?

It is more common for me to do this when the person asking the question doesn’t use an attention grabber like “hey!”, “Ella?”, “excuse me?”, “can I ask you something?”. My mind is always wandering somewhere else and I am sometimes not prepared to answer the question so I buy time to think of the answer for the question that I have already heard. I ask a question instead of saying something foolish and slow like, “I’m thinking deeply about what you said so give me a second” or “wait a minute, I’ve got to construct my sentence.”

I also tend to do this in two different situations when talking to my boyfriend. When I hear something really good or something really bad. If it is something really good I just want to hear it again. I know it is a little selfish, but if my boyfriend says something really sweet, I just want him to repeat just to have my heart melt twice. If it is something bad, I sometimes say “what?” just so he can rethink what he said…

I have noticed many people do this, some even say things like: Hmmm…like…well…you know…let’s see. However, some people do it out of habit.

After a little bit of research online, I learned that those words are called “filler speech” and people who use a lot of “filler speech” actually tend to be more conscientious. They take longer to say what they want to say, because they want to make sure that they say the right thing.

Hunting Instincts in My Fridge

What is in my fridge? Pickles, bacon, butter, mustard, hot sauce, cheddar cheese, barbecue sauce, bread, eggs, green onion, ketchup, mayonnaise, milk, tomatoes, taco shells, left over chicken, salsa, and yogurt….

How do I know that?

Because I open it when I am bored, I open it when I am sad or mad, I open it when I am tired or lonely, and of course when I am hungry.

How often is that?

On Thursday, October 1, I opened my fridge 10 times that I can remember.

(1)When I first went down steers after I got dressed for school. Then (2) one more time before I left for class, and both of those times I didn’t take anything out. I didn’t even eat breakfast. As soon as I got back from school around 3, I opened it once again (3), but this time I actually grabbed something out . . . I opened and closed it again before work (4) and as soon as I got back (5). If that is not enough I checked it again a few more times while watching TV at night when the commercials came on (6 , 7, 8) and one last time before I went to bed (9), but I couldn’t sleep that night, so I opened it for a midnight snack (10).

        Nothing has magically appeared and nothing has magically disappeared and like I said most of the time when I open it I am not even hungry, then why do I do it?

The weird thing is, I feel a little depressed whenever I open my fridge.

Many people go to the fridge for reasons other than hunger. Why do we stare into the fridge, walk away, come back and repeat?

  • For most people it is boredom.
  • Some actually have a craving for something but don’t know what it is…
  • Some people will look for a quick and easy snack. They see nothing so they walk away, but then the brain tell them that there must be something there so they go back,
  • Some actually believe that something will actually show up that they didn’t see before.
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder. Sounds bad and scary, but almost 1/3 of the entire human population develops this disorder. The behavior or thought of having to do something repeatedly in order to feel comfortable. If you don’t accomplish the said behavior or routine you experience anxiety, helplessness, or even anger.

Are you in any of those groups or a mixture of a few?

In my mind, fridge is the hunger fulfillment, but can it be a place to find other fulfillment? The cure for our boredom, our sadness, our loneliness, our anger, and our insecurities are not in the fridge. So when we open the fridge for any reason other than hunger, expecting, even sub-consciously for a solution to anything other than hunger, we become depressed and disappointed.

Or maybe my brain needs a “Comfort Food”. My fridge is not filled with Raspberry-Swirl Sweet Rolls, Apple French Toast, Chocolate Mint Bars, Classic Fudge-Walnut Brownies, or Lemon-Scented Blueberry Cupcakes.

Is it a good idea to have “Comfort Food” in your fridge? Or is it just a horribly- unhealthy (physically and mentally) way to eat your problems away?

Snoozers are Losers- I am addicted to the snooze button

A brilliant man, Antoine Redier invented an adjustable, mechanical alarm clock. A great invention that is now found in many houses, but then Lew Wallace, the person solely responsible for me being two hours late to work this past Sunday, came around and invented the SNOOZE BUTTON.

Every Sunday, I start work at 6 am, which is probably the worst day to start work so early, because I have a tendency to stay up late the night before. This weekend, of course, was no different. I stayed up late watching Netflix with my family. I didn’t get to bed till about 11.

Right before I fell asleep I set my alarm clock on my phone, “Alarm set for 5 hours and 45 minutes from now” the screen said, I quickly make sure the my phone is set as loud as it will go and I fall asleep.

… A wonderful five hours and 45 minutes later


5 more minutes, I am so tired.


5 minutes later (4:45 AM)


No way, was that 5 minutes? …that felt like 2 minutes. Okay? Well, I am not even hungry; I will just skip breakfast and get 10 more minutes of sleep.



10 minutes later (4:55)


There is no way that we will have traffic on Sunday. Right? And if there is not traffic I can get to work in like… no time…. 10 minutes



10 minutes later (5:05)


I can’t snooze that alarm clock again. Aww, my covers are so warm. How about like 2 minutes? NO! I’ve got to get up. Just 2 minutes. I won’t even go to sleep. Just 2 minutes…

2 hours and 20 minutes later (7:25)


Today, more than a third of American adults hit the snooze button at least three times each morning, and more than half of people ages 25 to 34 press snooze daily. It is not just I. In the past few years the snooze button has become my guilty pleasure that has got me into trouble countless times, and again on Sunday when I showed up to work 2 hours late.

Why do I always find any excuse to snooze my alarm to get more sleep in the morning? Why I am willing to skip breakfast and lie to myself that there is not going to be traffic? And more importantly how do I break this habit?

I know the snooze sleep isn’t good sleep. But somehow, I keep snoozing.

The most common cause for snooze addiction is a straightforward lack of sleep. I am a college student; I am programed to do anything possible just to skip sleep, so going to bed earlier on Saturday… it is not likely going to happen. I have to figure out a short cut to get me out of bed in the morning that actually works.

So, I went online and I found some useful tips that can help me develop better long- term sleep habits.

  • Putting my alarm clock out of reach.

Put alarm on the other side of the room so when it goes off I am forced to get out of bed.

  • Heat up my room

So on cold mornings when I need an extra bit of motivation, I will set the central heating to start warming the bedroom half an hour before my alarm, or I will get an electric heater with a simple timer.

  • Radio

Don’t hit the snooze button. I will just set the alarm to the radio and let it play until I get out of bed.

How to you wake up in the morning? Alarm or no alarm? Easy off or challenging off? Snooze or no snooze?