Unrealistic Serving Sizes

I have a super power. I can finish family-size servings of food in just one sitting. I am not over weight. At 5ft 8 inches and 128 lbs., I am not over weight. Sure, I work out (when I feel like it) and run (when I find some time in my busy schedule), but the truth is that the serving sizes are just unfeasible. On many foods, the serving size presented is laughably small. Companies do this so that, at a glance, the nutrition information or their products seems better than it should.

According to its label, a pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream contains four servings. But when was the last time you measured out a fourth of a container of Chocolate Therapy and put the rest away for another day? For most people, it’s never or very rarely.

Come on, it is Chocolate Ice Cream with Chocolate Cookies and SWIRLS of Chocolate Pudding. Although the container says 270 calories, which doesn’t seem too bad, 4 servings equal 1080 calories! That’s about half a days worth of calories for an average female. I eat multiple servings of other foods too: crackers, Trail Mix, cookies, chips, pasta, and cereal, and the calories quickly add up.

A Calorie King, an online website which calculates calorie intake says that a 20 year old female who weighs 128 pound and is 5ft 8in tall, should be eating between 1750 to 1950 calories per day. However, giving the some information to Authority Nutrition, another website, 2169 is the perfect amount of daily calories for my weight.

So who is correct? Yes, I understand that both website are free calculators I found online so their accuracy should not be too trusting. However, (219-419 calories) is enough for me to eat another Ben and Jerry’s serving!

During the time when obesity grows in the United States of America, people should be given every opportunity to regulate their diets and track their intakes. The first steps should be realistic serving sizes and dependent calorie intake calculators available. For now I will try to limit the about of junk food I take in and educate myself before consuming a full container of Oreo’s.


2 thoughts on “Unrealistic Serving Sizes

  1. That’s the problem with our society today, we pay attention to what we eat instead of how much of it we actually eat. We are constantly hungry even though we are not, it’s some sort of placebo effect I say. We should really be paying attention to how much we eat of that food, and eat what we want. Because in the end, you’re happy!


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