Don’t Look at Me Ty…p…ing


This post is kind of divided to three little parts: part one typing, part two searching, and part three taking things out of my wallet.

part one:

images    Just the other day, I was with my group working on our psychology project. We were supposed to look at the results we got on our survey and write a few page essays. I usually don’t mind typing, I am not the fastest at it, but I type all of my papers so I do have plenty of practice. However, when the rest of my group were watching me type, I basically forgot how to do it. All of a sudden I was making tons of mistakes and I was looking for letters, and my sentences were not making any sense. I was using my friend’s keyboard, which is a little different than mine, and I was not used. However, I kept making mistakes, because I felt like I was being watched and it was making me nervous.


part two:

I am also bad at finding things when someone is directing me and watching me get it, like really bad, I might as well be wearing a blindfold. Yesterday I had this conversation with my boyfriend.

“Hey, can you pass me my phone?”

“Where is it?”

“On the bed”

“Where on the bed?”

“Next to the red pillow.”

“I don’t see a red pillow.”

“It’s right in front of you.”


“RIGHT in front of you.”

“Oh.” (Pause) “I still don’t see your phone.”

At this point, he usually sighs and goes to get it himself, probably while questioning why I’m still in his life.


part three:

I am really bad at taking out money or my debit card from my wallet when a casher is watching me. Some times, I cannot find it. Other times, it is somehow stuck and impossible to take out and almost always something else falls out with it.



5 thoughts on “Don’t Look at Me Ty…p…ing

  1. I feel the same way sometimes. Whenever a teacher or another student is standing over my shoulder in the computer lab showing me how to do something and they say “Go to file then click open” I immediately freeze up. Even though I know where these buttons are, the feeling of someone watching over me makes me nervous.

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  2. This reminds me of a dream I had just last night. I was working at a retail store and a customer whom I’d throughly messed up her order once before came in with her husband. She did not want to buy from me but the husband was willing. Long story short, once he picked out the shirt he wanted, I froze and didn’t know what to say. I stood there looking silly. He tried to nudge me along but I’d failed and they did not buy from me. Not sure what all that meant for me though…:D

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