Winter Munchies


We all know that animals, especially squirrels, tend to fatten themselves up before winter, but to humans do that too? Maybe we don’t do it deliberately, but I am guessing most of us will gain a little bit of weight in the next two mounts. I know that I have an instinct to eat more food in winter. It might be just the opportunity to eat more do to the large amount of holiday parties, but sometimes it seems that I just feel hungrier as winter draws near. It feels like if my body wanted to stockpile calories that I do not need. I am not sure if it is the opportunity and my see diet (I see food so I eat it), or some kind of a biological vestigial “chipmunk” instinct that most animals have, but I know it is going to be difficult to say no to all of the amazing holiday food.

Being from a Polish family is a huge blessing, but a huge disadvantage when you are trying to not gain weight around Christmas, especially since my mom is an awesome cook, and saying no to delicious food is really difficult.


7 thoughts on “Winter Munchies

  1. Oooo, something to think about! Maybe we get it from our ancestors… we had to bulk up in the winter to stay warm just like animals, so you may be on to something! Yes, I’m going to adopt that theory and explain the weight gain that way! 😀


  2. There is actually a scientific explanation to it:p Our bodies are trying to keep us warm, therefore burning more calories which in turn increases our appetite. The reasons we gain weight are because we over do it on the extra eating and we probably don’t move much because it’s so cold out. What can we do? Enjoy the delish foods during the holidays and make an effort to eat better in the days in between and exercise somehow;)


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