Every Time


I wander what time is it. I was at the store the other day and I lost all track of time. It must be around 5 or 5:30. I naturally pull my zebra cased- phone out of my packet and I turn it on with a click of a button, my screen lights up. I have two messages and a missed call. I do I quick reverse L pattern with my right thumb to unlock the screen. I see that the call is from my mom, so I call her back. After a long conversation in which my mom, witch sound like “hi, did you call?… yes mom… I know… at Ross…yea… I did… yes… yep… yes…I did… no… ok…love you too”, I finally hang up and look at my messages.

One is from my sister, she says, “hey” and quickly reply, “what?” and move on to the second message. It is from my boyfriend, “hey baby, it’s going good. Clinical was boring today. No babies were born. I am on my way home. What time do you work tomorrow?”. I rely “6 am, brutal. Do you want to get some food tonight?” and exit out of messages, only to open it again, because my sister responded, “Soooooooo, I need a ride. I missed the bus. I am at McDonalds by the school.” I roll my eyes. “Again! You own my BIG time!” I hit sent but then add “be there in 20 minutes” and hit send again.

I walk to the caser, still on my phone. I notice I got a Pinterest notification. Nine new fallowers. Nice. I click on it and fallow everyone back, and put my phone back in my packet just to pull it out, because I forgot to check what time is it.


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