All our lives we are able to/ forced to make decisions. Most of them, we make with the help of our gut instinct, which is our initial reaction to a situation or just what pops into our heads. Humans cannot stop those thoughts. They always present themselves.

It just happens.

Decisions made with instincts are usually made without reasoning and we should not be making those decisions with out giving it a second though, but the three reasons why we blindly follow instincts are:

  1. We got lucky before and we are under an illation that it is more than a guess.
  2. We love to believe in outside forces. (God, energy, good luck, fate)
  3. EXPERICANCE- this is the only gut reacting that we can actually usually trust. However, you have to be making “such” decisions for years before you can master it and be able to rely on it fully.

Therefore, unless you are an expert, gut feelings are just a 50-50 guess. Being able to step back and analyze your decision is what makes humans different from other animals, what puts them on the top of the food chain.  This ability to comprehend the aspects of a decision, the consequences of a decisions and being able to control instincts is a powerful tool that we do not use.

Hi, I am 20-year-old Lewis University student, that is always told to follow her instincts, however, here are the reasons why I have learned not to follow them…


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